Produse Balcar Plast Trade
Balcar Plast Trade SRL offers you a wide range of standard polymers or with various additions of minerals, pigments or additives.
Low, medium or high density polyethylene, homopolymer, copolymer or random polypropylene, crystal polystyrene or shockproof for film, injection, blowing, extrusion, thermoforming.
  • Color masterbatch
  • Additive masterbatch with a role in improving the characteristics of the finished product and the processability.
Using a masterbatch with calcium carbonate or talc on a polymeric support, both a reduction in the cost price and an improvement in the processability, printing, and mechanical characteristics of the finished product are obtained.
We can offer polyethylene, polypropylene or polystyrene regranulation, in different variants: natural, white, black or different colors, with or without mineral filling, for film, injection or extrusion.


We offer you an extensive portfolio of bioplastics for the circular economy. You can choose either compostable and certified bio-based materials or 100% biodegradable. Due to its excellent processability, you can opt for bioplastics that can be used in flexible film applications or in injection molded products or thermoformed articles.